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Spy Castle freeware antivirus program:

I have learned allot about C++ in the past years, And I finally am starting on a big project.

Wish me luck.

Me and the usual crew are working on a free anti-spyware program called "Spy Castle" . The program will be realest late October of this year. And we need to recruit anybody who wants to help out. So basically, this thread is a collaboration. But its for a good cause, so please support me. We all know that there are MILLIONS of new viruses discovered each year. Leaving thousands of nice honest people like us victims to malicious viruses. Just last week, JKS got one of there two computers infected, Luckily it didn't spread to through the network.



Test our product. Does it work? This will be very extensive, so don't think it will be easy.

C++ Continuity management:

Not sure what to call it, but the title sounds about right, I need somebody to fix all the errors and tweak things to help the program run better. So yes, Important job.

Skin artist:

The skin artist will give the program a nice looking vista like skin. For those who are good artist with gradients, this is the job for you. We need minimize buttons and "X" buttons as well as window size buttons.

Logo & splash screen artist:

We need artist to make the program's Icons,logos, And most of all, The splash screen. The theme is a castle with a computer in it with bugs on the outside getting shot and killed. So if anyone wants to contribute this via PM or this thread then go ahead.

Servers and updates.

We already have a reliable server to give you guys the latest updates for known virus signatures once were done. So no thanks for those of you who can offer web space. But with that, If you find anything suspicious on your computer, And you can remove it then tell us. Because I want my program to not only remove viruses, But also rogue programs that try to pretend there legit/helpful to your system, But are really not. An example of this would be XP antivirus, A fake program that claims you are infected with viruses when your really not.

Official Site:

We don't have one yet. And we have an HTML programmer on our side so we will get it up soon.

Companies Name:

SF software(SF stands for submit flash). I might change the name so if any of you can come up with a better name than please notify me.

Final Notes:

This is going to be one great mega super collab. AND IT WILL BE 100% COMPLETELY FREE. And as the leader of this huge project, I feel that one of the most important aspect about this virus scanner, (besides it protecting your computer) Is the visual interface and user friendly feel to it. I have already started on this project, And there no turning back. Its going to be a great virus scanner. And those of you who contributed can know that they participated in this great achievement. I already have experiments in making simple little programs, And I have professionals on my side. So I'm not scared to go out of the world of flash, Into the cold world of real time programming. I have a bright future of making software, And all of you do to! So please contribute.


Ps. I think this is the first collaboration involving C++ modules on Newgrounds EVER!!!!